"Bridge to the Future" Youth Union finished the project about the child-proof internet in Ganja.

"Bridge to the Future" Youth Union run the project about the protection kids and teenagers from negative sides of the internet. The project was funded by the Council of State Support to Non-Governmental Organizations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The main objective of the project is to inform and educate children and adolescents studying in orphanages and gymnasiums about the Internet and its security. As part of the project, 2-day seminars were held for 4 enterprises (orphanages and gymnasiums) in Ganja. During the seminars, children and adolescents were informed about Internet security, the rules of using the Internet, and how to protect themselves against the harmful effects of the Internet. The project duration took 4 months in general. Sincerely, Shamil Moylayev - PR Coordinator "Bridge to the Future" Youth Public Union
23.11.2019 17:03