"Bridge to the Future" Youth Union has held seminars in the western region.

​"Bridge to the Future" Youth Public Union held last seminars within the project "Regional Youth as an Active Participant in Modern Challenges" funded by Azerbaijan Youth Foundation. ​

​The main objective of the project is to stimulate ruralyoung people and teenagers who live in 9 districts of thewestern part of the country in their personal and professionaldevelopment, to strengthen their public and social awareness, and to educate them about the services and opportunities created for young people. ​

Within the scope of the project, 9 districts - Tovuz, Gazakh, Aghstafa, Goygol, Gadabay, Shamkir, Samukh, Goranboy and Dashkesan in the western part of the country were visited and 2 days seminars for 25 young people in each of the district were organized. The topics of the seminars were the following:  social activism, volunteering, leadership, social entrepreneurship and startup, youth opportunities (Youth Foundation and Opportunities offered, Youth Houses and their contributions and etc.), participation in international events and representation as well as youth policy. ​​

​It should be noted that the project was funded within the 11th grant competition of the Youth Foundation dedicated to the direction "Increasing public activity of the region and rural youth".



Shamil Moylayev  

Public Relations coordinator 

"Bridge to the Future" Youth Public Union

13.05.2019 14:05