Bridge to the Future YPU organized international training course within KA 2 project...

On 10-18th June 2019, "Bridge to the Future" Youth Public Union organized the training course on entrepreneurship education in Baku, Azerbaijan. The training was implemented within the Key Action 2 Capacity Building Project projectnamed "Youth resource centre for employability, entrepreneurship education and community development". The training course was the 3rd activity in the frame of the project. 

The project aims to strengthen the employability and economic capacity of young people through enhancing local youth structures in entrepreneurship education and in informing young people about educational learning opportunities in Ganja-Gazakh region of Azerbaijan.

The training course gathered total 24 participants from Azerbaian Lithuania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, the Netherlands, Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova. Through the course participants were trained on different sessions related with business and entrepreneurship, marketing, networking, SWOT analyses, management and etc. The training was held by internationaly certified CEFE trainer Jovan Stalevski. 

CEFE (Competency based Economies, Formation of Enterprise) is a training methodology which 30 years is proving that the experience is the best way of creating competent entrepreneurs around the world.


​It should be noted that, BF has been working in the frame of European Commission Erasmus+ Programme for a long time as sending and hosting organization. 



Shamil Moylayev

Public Relations coordinator 

"Bridge to the Future" Youth Public Union 

22.06.2019 09:23