Informational sessions were launched in the project "Promotion of vocational education among region pupils" in Ganja.

On April 15th, 2022, the first info-session within the project "Promotion of vocational education among region pupils" was held in Ganja. The project is funded by the State Agency on Support to Non-Governmental Organizations and implemented by "Bridge to the Future" Youth Public Union.

At the first session, which was attended by students of Ganja city Secondary School No. 16, detailed information was provided on the Ganja State Vocational Training Center for Trade and Services, vocational and specialty requirements, labor market requirements, career choice model and career skills assessment. Expert Maarif Guliyev answered the relevant questions of the participants.

The main aim of the project is to increase the interest of adolescents and young people studying in secondary schools in Ganja regarding the field of vocational education and to effectively inculcate this priority in the target group of the project through activities to be implemented.

Within the project, informational sessions on the field of vocational education will be held in Ganja, covering a total of 200 students from 10 secondary schools.

19.04.2022 20:17