Our sent local volunteer is contining her EVS in Wroclaw, Poland

​Dilshad Abdullayeva who sent by "Bridge to the Future" Youth Public Union is doing her volunteering project in Wroclaw, Poland in the frame of EVS (European Volunteering Service) Programme in the long-term period. She has been representing the organization and our country during her period of work there.  

​The objectives of the project are to exchange educational methods used among teachers in children work, to observe the processes in the educational institutions, to raise awareness in the intercultural learning as well as historic field of the countries. 

​EVS (European Voluntary Service) is an international volunteer program funded by the European Commission. It enables all young people legally resident in Europe, aged between 18 and 30 years, to carry out an international volunteer service in an organization or in a public body in Europe, Africa, Asia or South America for a period ranging from 2 to 12 months. It provides the reimbursement of travel expenses and complete coverage of the costs of food and accommodation for the international volunteer.

​It should be noted that "Bridge to the Future" has been involved in EVS Programme since 2012 in the country. At the moment EVS Programme was changed to ESC (European Solidarity Corps) Programme with some changes.




Shamil Movlayev


Public Relations Coordinator 

"Bridge to the Future" Youth Public Union

04.03.2019 20:14