The regular activities continue at the Youth Resource Centre.

Zaur Aliyev, Director of the Center for Human Capital Management of the Azerbaijan University of Technology, held a session entitled "Behaviours in job interviews." At the session, the participants were informed about what candidates should pay attention to during the interviews, typical mistakes made, and how to communicate during the interview and etc.

Then Leyla Rzayeva, Human Resources Specialist of the University's Human Capital Management Center, run the seminar named "How to prepare the right CV?" for the participants. The seminar covered the similarities and differences between the CV and resume, what is needed for the CV, the structure and design of the CV, the principles of CV design, how to make the CV more attractive, the most common mistakes in CVs.

Implementation of monthly activities is carried out in the partnership of the Ganja office of the Youth Development and Career Centre and in cooperation with the ASAN Volunteering School.

26.09.2021 00:49