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What is ESC?

The European Solidarity Corps is the new European Union initiative that enables young people to show solidarity with communities in their respective country as well as abroad.

European Solidarity Corps funding for volunteering projects helps organisations broaden their impact by hosting volunteers or sending volunteers abroad. These projects give young people an opportunity to take part in organisations’ day-to-day activities – potentially a very enriching experience for volunteers and organisations alike.

Volunteering projects are the most common type of project. Organisations taking part must hold an appropriate Quality Label (or Erasmus+ volunteering accreditation). They can apply for a European Solidarity Corps grant to cover:  individual volunteering (2-12 months, or, in some cases, 2 weeks to 2 months)   team volunteering (2 weeks to 2 months, 10-40 participants).

Types of European Solidarity Corps projects: https://youth.europa.eu/solidarity/topics_en

Young people between 18-30 years interested in participating under the European Solidarity Corps framework must be registered in the: https://youth.europa.eu/solidarity_en


Since 2012, “Bridge to the Future” has been operating in both the sending and receiving roles of the programme.

As a supporting organisation: With the support of BF, more than 100 local young people have gained volunteering experience in about 20 European countries on a short or long-term basis.

As a hosting organisation: So far, BF has hosted the projects of 21 foreign young people from Germany, Poland and Turkey on a short or long-term basis.

To apply for vacant ESC projects in Europe, you can look at the social media accounts of our organization, and also search for ESC projects by entering and registering on the European Youth Portal.


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About Us

“Bridge to the Future” Youth Union (Union) – is a national non-governmental organization established in April 2000 by youth initiative.


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