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WORK CAMPS - "Bridge to the Future" Youth Public Union "International Volunteering Program" |

Since 2008, the “International Volunteering Program” has been operating under the “Bridge to the Future” Youth Public Union. The main goal of the program is to develop personal and professional skills of our youth and to represent our country in these projects by ensuring the participation of our youth in many international camps, festivals and projects.

In Europe and other countries, volunteerism is reflected in many areas. Thus, every year, partner organizations of the Union of European Voluntary Organizations, operating in about 50 countries, implement hundreds of camps, festivals and social projects in this field.

As a legal member of this network, “Bridge to the Future” annually implements international camps and social projects to solve various social problems in the region. Currently, the Union is constantly cooperating with 38 youth organizations from 25 countries under the International Volunteering Program and carries out youth exchanges. Through the program, our organization has provided more than 300 local youths to represent our country in international camps organized in different countries.

If you also want to gain experience by participating in international or local projects, apply to the International Volunteering Program operating under the “Bridge to the Future” YPU and become a participant in various international festivals, camps and projects in any country of the world from 10 days to 1 year long.

Within the program, Visa, accommodation (3 meals a day) and excursions are provided by the organizers. In order to participate in the camps, it is required to pay a fixed participation fee aimed at financing local projects.

 Registration and payment are confirmed by a special contract. 

Countries with which we cooperate closely within the framework of the program: Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Belgium, South Korea, Czech Republic, Georgia, Italy, Poland, etc.

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About Us

“Bridge to the Future” Youth Union (Union) – is a national non-governmental organization established in April 2000 by youth initiative.


 28 May str. 34, Ganja city, Azerbaijan