On 12-13 July, 2021, “Bridge to the Future” Youth Public Union launched Youth Forum on Entrepreneurship and Community Development as an opening ceremony of Youth Resource Centre in Ganja, Azerbaijan. The Forum was organized in cooperation with the Ganja office of the Youth Development and Career Center and ASAN School within the Erasmus+ Key Action 2 capacity building project named “Youth resource centre for employability, entrepreneurship education and community development”. 

​The two-day forum was attended by government officials, invited speakers from the public and private sectors.

​On the first day of the forum, Fakhri Agayev – Business Consultant and Professional Manager, Maleyka Alizade – Head of Ganja Regional Women’s Center, Mustafa Rafiyev – Founder of London CoffeeShop in Ganja, Ravan Jafarli – Head of Ganja SME, Ganja SME Friend – Nazrin Tagiyeva and UlviyyaMammadova – Head of the Department of Science and Foreign Relations of the Azerbaijan University of Technology had panel discussions with the participants. 

​On the second day of the forum, Member of Azerbaijan Parliament – Mr. Mushfig Jafarov, director of the Ganja office of the Youth Development and Career Center Mr. Seymur Valiyev and director of the Ganja Youth House Mr. Amil Gurbanov as well as the project’s mentors-trainers Mrs. Sevinj Mammadova and Mr. Seymur Sadikhov and Mrs. Rashida Abdullayeva – the chief specialist of the projects department of the State Employment Agency, were present. At the end, the participants were presented by the partner organizations’ representatives under the title “Opportunities for Youth”.​

​The Youth Resource Centre will be operating at Azerbaijan Technlogy University in Ganja based on the regular activities. The activities will be followed on the topics of entrepreneurship education and youth-led community development.

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